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" Education and Awareness are the keys to child sexual abuse prevention"
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1 hour for complete Child Protection from molesters an
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* Learn all the tricks and threats used by molesters.

* Kids will learn all the warning signs to look for.

* Parents will learn the warning signs to help them spot a molester
and much much more.

Over 30 guidelines and education that equal complete awareness.*
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Zip Code predator search

Click this link and then
choose your state and you
will be taken directly to
your states database of
sexual offenders. You can
then search by zip code or

Zip Code child molester
Kids and Teenagers
If an older teenager or an adult is talking to you in any sexual way,
showing you sexual magazines, pictures or movies or touching you or
making you touch them in
any sexual way it is illegal and will harm you
especially if you don't tell anyone.  Studies show you can end up
becoming a child molester yourself.
Click here to see all the things that
will happen to you if you do not get help.

You can contact us using this link and you will NOT have to give your
Below is some of the protection contained within the guidelines
There are many things you can do to stop child molestation
Our Mission Statement
Parents and Guardians, do you think your children will tell you if they are
being molested just because they promise they will?

Do you believe you already know all the information on how to identify sexual abuse and
sexual predators? If you answered yes to either of these questions you are about to be
shocked.  Child molesters are always changing their tactics. The Department of Crime
stats shows that 88% of children initially don't tell anyone they have been molested for a
period of 3-5 years. Also, 90% of child victims knew their offender and 25% of children who
have been molested and don't tell anyone will go on to become child molesters themselves.

1) General profiles of sexual predators

 The Common threats, tricks, and lies used  by Predators.

3)  How to identify and locate predators in your neighborhood.

 Warning signs of child sexual abuse.

5)  Guidelines on how to prevent child kidnapping

 The harmful effects of child sexual abuse

7)  How to communicate with your children about the
dangers of sexual predators.

1)  By using the link above listen/download or read online the protection and help guidelines and go over them with your children.

2) By using the link above, conduct a free sexual offender search by state and zip code.

3) If an abuse has taken place, report it to the proper authorities, the link above will provide you with a simple form that can be           
downloaded, that will assist you in organizing all the information you will need.

4) Pre-register for one of our free child protection conferences, which are an interactive and informative way to learn all the                
information you will need to protect children from sexual abuse.  Please note that the child protection conferences contain more       
information and further detailed information than the information available for download in the PACS guideline.

5) At the conference, you can sign-up for a free volunteer training, that will equip you and teach you on how to provide vital                
prevention education to others in your community. You can also sign-up to volunteer simply by contacting us anytime using the      
link above.

6) Consider becoming part of the One-fifteen and commit to $15 a month or by making a one time tax-deductible donation to the
non-profit work of Protect Children.  We are 100%  supported by your donations.